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Capture Survey

The Capture Survey is used by organisations to quickly gather feedback from employees on various aspects of their work environment, experiences, and perceptions.

The primary goal of Capture as the name suggests, is to capture real-time insights into Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, Connection and Future as well as responses in relation to workplace Adversity. In addition is a ‘Time on Task’ component which generates insights to make data-informed decisions and implement changes that enhance workforce productivity and employee quality of life.

There are six components to the Capture survey.

This component focuses on how emotionally committed and connected employees are to their work, colleagues, and the organisation. It assesses factors such as effective communication, collaborative teams and alignment with the organisation's goals.

Employee satisfaction centres on employees' contentment with various aspects of their job and overall workplace conditions. It encompasses elements like benefits, role clarity and sense of pride.

Employee connection refers to the sense of belonging, sense of being valued and relationships within the organisation. It includes how well employees connect with their colleagues, teams, and the broader organisational culture, mission and values.

Employee future explores employees' perceptions of their growth and development within the organisation. It assesses their confidence in career advancement opportunities, alignment of skills with future organisational needs, and the support for their professional aspirations.

Employee adversity focuses on challenges and obstacles that employees face in the workplace. This component assesses their ability to navigate difficulties, receive support, and cope with adversity.

Time on task refers to the amount of time employees spend on specific work-related tasks or activities by choice and/or mandated. This component helps understand how time is allocated, whether there are inefficiencies, and if employees feel they are spending their time on tasks that are meaningful and aligned with their roles and priorities.

Timely Actionable Insights

Leverage current and relevant data, allowing quicker adjustments and improvements based on real-time feedback.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions about policies, strategies, and initiatives.


Ability to be administered through various channels such as online, mobile or paper.


Tailored questions specific to the needs of your organisation.

Course Correction

Enabling early detection of issues or trends so as to take corrective actions before they become major problems.

User friendly

Intuitive to enhance the user experience.

Employee Voice

A platform for employees to voice their opinions and contribute to the organisation's decision-making process.


Addressing the latest trends, challenges and concerns in the field relevant to the organisation.

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