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Leadership mentoring program.

Ignite: Inspiring Growth, Nurturing Individuals through Transformative Empowerment.

Empower yourself through our Leadership mentoring program tailored to your success in the dynamic world of school and organisational leadership.

‘IGNITE’ offers you the invaluable strategic guidance and direct access to Education Economy’s Founder & Director, Ben Sacco, who has both education system, business world and frontline experience as well as an intimate understanding of the exhilarating yet complex nature of school leadership roles.

This transformative mentoring experience helps you to influence your own outcomes, shape responses to wicked problems and develop lifelong skills and mindsets that enable you to successfully navigate the uncertainties of change and human behaviour. It is also a unique opportunity to apply business world best practice in leadership to educational leadership to increase organisational efficiency, enhance workforce productivity and develop measures to support employee quality of life.

What's included:

This is where we learn more about what drives you as a leader, why you are seeking the mentoring opportunity, capability development areas you have already identified and future leadership ambitions.

Through an optional blended learning model (face to face and/or online), you'll have access to invaluable guidance, support, and expertise tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.

Effective mentorship goes beyond one-on-one interactions. It involves providing valuable resources and tailored educational materials that empower mentees to reach their full potential. We create contextually relevant educational content specifically designed for the  mentoring experience. 

This is a living report that all participants contribute to across the 8 months and is aimed at capturing the learning and growth as well as theory application in practice. Mentees document their achievements, challenges, and lessons learned, providing a tangible record of their growth.

Post-mentoring member log-in services offer mentees access to a wealth of valuable resources, such as educational materials, industry insights, tools, and guides. Mentees can continue to benefit from curated content that supports their personal and professional development beyond the mentoring program.

* Mentoring session days and times are subject to mutual agreement, but the program delivery is flexible due to the nature of the role and our understanding of what happens in schools on a daily basis can shift rapidly.

* Additional mentoring/strategic consulting sessions can be arranged.

Learning objectives:

Enhance your ability to influence outcomes and shape effective responses to wicked problems within your educational context.

Strengthen your leadership capabilities, enabling you to lead with confidence and make informed decisions in uncertain times.

Develop a strategic perspective on school and organisational leadership, enabling you to drive positive change and achieve long-term success.

Gain practical educational and business world tools and techniques to address challenges related to change management, problem-solving, and human behaviour in the context of school leadership.

Engage in reflective practices to evaluate and enhance your current leadership approach.

Cultivate critical thinking skills, analysing information and evaluating different perspectives.

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