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Leadership360 is a comprehensive feedback tool designed to provide a holistic and well-rounded look at an individual’s leadership capabilities. Unlike traditional performance reviews, Leadership360 gathers insights from multiple perspectives, including self-reflection, feedback from peers, direct reports, management, and other stakeholders. This panoramic approach offers a more nuanced understanding of a leader’s strengths, areas for improvement, and overall impact on the organisation.

Key components of Leadership360

Leaders reflect on their own performance, considering their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.

Colleagues at the same hierarchical level provide feedback on the leader's collaborative and interpersonal skills, teamwork, and communication.

Direct reports share their perspectives on the leader's management style, communication, and effectiveness in fostering a positive work environment.

Managers or higher-level executives review the leader's alignment with organisational goals, strategic thinking, and overall leadership impact.

Input may be collected from clients, customers, or external partners to gauge the leader's impact beyond the immediate organisational context.

Benefits of Leadership360

  • By incorporating feedback from various sources, Leadership360 provides comprehensive insights and a nuanced understanding of a leader’s performance.
  • Leaders gain insights into aspects of their leadership style or leadership behaviours that they might not be aware of, helping them address what can be referred to as blind spots.
  • The feedback received serves as a valuable developmental tool, guiding leaders in areas for self-motivated improvement and growth.
  • Leaders gain a deeper understanding of how their actions and decisions are perceived, fostering increased self-awareness.
  • Addressing leadership gaps can positively impact team dynamics, employee engagement, mitigate against workplace adversity and enhance organisational efficiency and productivity.
  • Leadership360 provides a more objective and well-rounded set of metrics compared to a single-source evaluation.

How does it work?

Leadership360 is designed to take into consideration the context of the leaders’ workplace and account for some customisation based on research-informed leadership competencies and organisational goals.

Participants, including the leader, complete Leadership360 anonymously.

Feedback is collected, aggregated, and analysed to generate a comprehensive report.

A facilitated discussion between an Education Economy consultant and the leader to review the results, gain insights, and create a pathway forward.

The leader, with support from an Education Economy consultant develops strategies for improvement and growth based on the Leadership360 findings.

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