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The 4th conference is planned to be bigger and better than ever and due to the increasing attention from across Australia and overseas, the conference will grow to be a three-day event in 2024!

Trauma-aware education draws from various bodies of research, including neuroscience, describing and analysing the impact of complex trauma on developing young bodies and brains, to inform a more effective means to educate and support young learners who have lived through complex trauma.

Trauma-aware education aims to help educators develop ways of understanding, believing, planning, and acting so that the harm that trauma exerts on the function of learners Is minimised or alleviated.  It aims to improve education and life outcomes not only for trauma-impacted learners, but also for their classmates.  It also aims to enhance the personal and professional wellbeing of those adults working hard to deliver inclusive education programs.

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2023 Teacher Magazine Teacher Awards

(Judging Panel)

Teacher Magazine has a proud history of highlighting the incredible work of teachers and school leaders working in primary and secondary school settings to lift student achievement and wellbeing. The Teacher Awards recognises outstanding approaches to teaching and school leadership.

The 8 Award Categories are open to educators working in the K-12 school education community and recognise achievements of the last 12 months. 

Education Economy is a proud supporter of the Teacher Magazine Teacher Awards and delighted to be on the Judging Panel.

The Judging Panel is comprised of 10 experts in education. The Judging Panel is the second tier of the Awards evaluation process. Preceded by a selection committee which selects a shortlist of candidates, the Judging Panel reviews the shortlist and goes on to select the winner in each category.